Vastu and Feng-Shui


This is just like a Bagua, but there is a difference that it has a convex mirror in its centre. It is affixed outside the gate at its top to ward off the evil effect of Dwar Vedha. It is affixed if there is a tree, pole, damaged house, rubbish dump or a temple in front of the gate. This prevents negative energy from entering the house.

Rs. 150/- to 800/-

Crystal ball       

A crystal ball generates energy and enhances the influence of positive energy. It fills the house with light if it is hanged in such a way that the sunlight falls on it in the morning. If hanged in east, it gives good health. There prevails cordial relations in the family if it is hanged in the north-west portion of the house and the number of the friends and helpers of the owner enhances further. If in west, it gives pleasure of progeny whereas if in south-west, the conjugal life of the couple improves.

Rs. 100/- to 600/-

Laughing Buddha

An Idol of laughing Budha is considered to be one of  the deities that give wealth and prosperity. If placed in a house, it gives wealth, success and prosperity. It should be installed in the house or office in such a way that it may seem to be entering with wealth. The idol should not be installed in the bed room or dining hall. It can be installed in drawing room. An idol of laughing Buddha with a small bundle of wealth on its back is considered to be the most auspicious among the all other idols of lord Buddha.

Rs. 100/- to 1500/-


An idol of a frog having three legs with a coin in its mouth should also be installed in such a way that it may seem to be entering the house with wealth. This must not be installed or kept in kitchen or lavatory. In a commercial complex too, it should be placed in such a way that it may seem to be coming to you with the money taken from the customers. It can be kept hidden also.

Rs. 80/- to 450/- 

Koorma Prishthiya Meru Yantra

It is kept on Pooja sthan or in north of the house. It is kept in a plate filled with water. .

Rs. 500/- to 700/-


This fish enhances the sphere of wealth and prosperity. It should be kept in north of the house in a way that it faces east. It is considered to be the Matsyavatar of Lord Vishnu.

Rs. 500/- 

Mandarian duck

A pair of Mandarian ducks is kept in the south west portion of the room of an unmarried girl or boy to get him/her married.

Rs. 100/ to 700/-

Education Tower

This is kept on the study table of  student for all round success in education. It makes the student concentrate over his study if it is kept before him while he is reading. It also enhances the span of will power and reasoning. It inspires the student towards study.

Rs. 100/- to 150/- 

Symbol of Double Happiness

It enhances the sphere of happiness of  the family if it is kept in the south west portion of the house. If kept, the marriageable boys and girls get married.

Rs. 100/-

Mystic knot symbol

This mysterious object has no start,  nor end. If it is kept in north portion of the house or office, it gives wealth and good health.

Rs. 100/-

Animal Set

Every of this set of four celestial animals is kept in all the four different directions of the drawing room. Dragon is affixed on the eastern wall; Tiger on western, Phoenix on southern and Tortoise is affixed on northern wall of the said room.

Rs. 250/-

Lucky coins

Three lucky Chinese coins are tied with red ribbon on the handle inside of the main gate of house. Thus, coins tied this way enhance the sphere of wealth in the family. If put in purse; they enhance the wealth of the person. The sphere of business enhances further, if the coins are kept tied with the cash memo book. 
Rs. 30/-

Tree of gems      

It is kept in the house for the enhancement of happiness, peace and wealth. A gem tree in green colour should be placed in north and one in mixed colours should be placed in south west of the house.

Rs. 200/- to 300/- 

Crystal globe

A crystal globe is kept in the house or   in the business complex in such a way that it might be within the reach of vision of the owner. It should be moved round at least three times a day. It helps the owner achieve success both in career and in business. It also helps attain higher education and knowledge.

Rs. 150/- to 1000/- 

Luk Fuk Sau        



Rs. 400/- 

Dragon Tortoise        


Rs. 200/- 



 Rs. 500/- 

Love Birds        



  Rs. 200/- to 700/-

Running horse        


 Rs. 500/- to 700/- 





 Rs. 50/- to 200/- 





 Rs. 300/- to 600/- 





 Rs. 900/-