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Always chant the MahaMantra - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

A plot of land is not considered to be auspicious if ants, termites, pythons, bones, clothes, ashes, burnt wood and iron are found under it while digging.

Slope towards north or east is said to be favourable. Slope of the roof should be in north east corner.

Tall buildings, mountains, hillocks or trees to the south or west of a plot of land are considered to be auspicious.

A river or a canal either east or north of a piece of land flowing towards north or east is considered to be auspicious.

A plot between two bigger plots is not said to be auspicious.

Expansion of the plot towards north, east or north eastern corner is auspicious.

Paths on north or east to the plot are auspicious.

A temple, pillar or a ditch in front of the building is not considered to be auspicious.

The southern portion of the building should always be higher than the northern.

The western portion of the building should always be higher than the eastern.

South-West of a building should always be higher than the others and North-East should be the lowest.

Height of the gate should be double its width.

Windows should be built preferably to the north or east of the building and south and west should be avoided as much as possible.

Small things of the house should be kept in north, east and north-eastern corner of the building.

Tenants or guests should not be given place in the South West of the building.

One should take one’s meals facing always towards east or north.

Pooja room, toilets and kitchen should not be built under the staircase.

Safe in the house should face north.

The owner of the commercial house should sit in south, west or south - western portion (Nairritya) in such a way that he should be facing north or east.

No beam should be there over the cash counter, above the owner or the manager.

Goods should be kept in the North West for brisk selling.

Canteen should be built in Agney Kona only.

Gates of all the cabins should open inwards.

Place of public conveniences should be built in Nairritya or western part of the building.

While in class, students should be facing north or east.

Drinking water should be kept in north - eastern corner of the building.

Heavy machines can be installed to the south, west or South West of the factory.

Manufactured goods of the factory should be kept in North West for quick selling.

Administrative office of the factory can be built in the north of it.

No worker should sit or no machine should be installed under a beam.

While working, the workers should be facing north or east.

There must not be any dirt or darkness in the north eastern corner of the factory.

No heavy things or heavy machinery should be kept on the Brahmsthan of the plot.

Thorny plants in house causes fear of enemy.

Trees having milky substance causes loss of wealth.

Trees having fruits causes loss of progeny.

To enhance the sphere of accumulated wealth, one should worship Shree Kuber Yantra.

To be free from loan, one should worship Shree Rinamukti Beesa Yantra.

For industrial Vastu and to ward off hurdles in construction, one should worship Shree Vishwakarma Yantra.

To reduce the effect of fault related to Residencial Vastu, one should worship Shree Vastu Dosha Nashaka Yantra.

In no case a person should wear the gem of an obstructing, debilitated, retrograde or inauspicious planet.

One should never wear Ruby with Diamond, saphire or Gomed.

One should never wear Pearl with Gomed or Cat's Eye.

One should never wear Topaz with Diamond or Saphire.

A wind chime of five rods, which represents five elements mentioned in Vastu & Feng-Shui, is considered to be auspicious.

Love birds should be kept in the bed room to make life of the couple more cordial.

Symbol of Double Happiness, if kept in the South-West portion of the house, enhances the sphere of happiness of the family.

Boat in the shape of dragon should be kept in the South-Western corner of the house to keep the family united.

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